DAY 13


“And the gospel must first be proclaimed to all nations.”

(Mark 13:10)

I will forever associate the song “Ring the Bells,” with a Polish preacher and evangelist named George Bajenski.  In fact, as a child, that is what I knew him by, Mr. Ring the Bells, because he would always sing this song when he visited my home Church.  Imagine my delight when searching for a video for this blog and one pops up with him sing the 1st verse and chorus of this song.  So you too can meet Mr. Ring the Bells.

This song is calling us to action.  It is calling us to spread the message of the birth of Christ.  That message is the Christ was “born to die that man might live, came to earth new life to give.” The old adage states, “It is better to give than to receive.” Well, yes, but at Christmas both are true.  We have received the greatest gift ever in the person of Jesus Christ, but we are compelled to share that gift with others.

I read an article the other day that I found disturbing.  The article was telling churches to reconsider canceling services on Christmas Sunday this year.  The article was so unbelievable to me.  Would churches actual consider not having services on Christmas day?  I was telling a preacher friend about it in an email and he confirmed for me that in past years when Christmas falls on Sunday that there were churches who canceled services.  If this is the case, I think those churches should just shut the doors and go home permanently.  They have lost their witness.  Yes, we do not need a holiday to celebrate Christ’s birth but it is a good tradition that has been handed down to us for generations.

Ringing bells is probably not the best way to get the message of Christ’s birth out today.  Nevertheless, what we do on that day, which for centuries has been set aside to remember his birth says something about what we regard as important.  Do not fall into the trap of thinking that everyone around you knows the message.  They do not.

This Advent season, take time to proclaim the good news of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  The world needs to hear this message more than ever.



by Aaron Wilson

Ring the bells, ring the bells, let the whole world know,
Christ was born in Bethlehem many years ago.
Born to die that man might live, came to earth new life to give,
Born of Mary, born so low, many years ago.
God the Father gave His Son, gave His own beloved One,
To the wicked sinful earth, to bring mankind His love, new birth.

Ring the bells, ring the bells,
Let the whole world know
Christ the Savior lives today
As He did so long ago!

Ring the bells, ring the bells, what a glorious morn!
Men and angels worship Him, singing, Christ is born!
Born to die on Calvary, born to set His people free,
God Himself in human form, tell it!  Christ is born.
He has left His royal throne, He has come to claim His own,
Christ the Lord has come to earth, go spread the news of Jesus’ birth.


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