DAY 15


“Sing We Now of Christmas” is a French carol from the 15th century that was translated into English.  This song is a call to sing praises for “the King is born.”  Christmas will never lose its meaning as long as one person sings praises to the King.  Psalm 100:1 admonishes us to “make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands.”  You may say, “God has not giving me a beautiful voice to sing.” This may be true but God did not say it had to be beautiful.  The sound that comes out of your mouth when you sing might just be noise, but you can make it be joyful noise to the Lord.

This Advent season, join your voice with the multitudes of heaven and earth and sing the praises of our King.

Sing We Now of Christmas

Sing we now of Christmas,
Noel, sing we here!
Hear our grateful praises
to the babe so dear.

Sing we Noel, the King is born, Noel!
Sing we now of Christmas, sing we now Noel!

Angels called to shepherds,
“Leave your flocks at rest,
journey forth to Bethlehem,
find the lambkin blest.” [Refrain]

In Bethlehem they found him;
Joseph and Mary mild,
seated by the manger,
watching the holy child. [Refrain]

From the eastern country
came the kings afar,
bearing gifts to Bethlehem
guided by a star. [Refrain]

Gold and myrrh they took there,
gifts of greatest price;
there was ne’er a place on earth
so like paradise. [Refrain]

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